Billie Burke

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Billie Burke
American character actress, the daughter of a circus clown, often playing the part of a dithery, empty-headed but endearing woman. She was married to Florenz Ziegfeld.
Burke's films include A Bill of Divorcement (1932), A Feather in Her Hat (1935), Topper (1937), Merrily We Live (1937), The Young in Heart (1938), The Man Who Came To Dinner (1943) and many others.
Burke was immortalised as Glinda , the Good Fairy, in the classic The Wizard of Oz (1939).

Although Billie Burke was born in Washington, her father was English - a clown who worked for the Barnum and Bailey Circus. He moved the family to England to start a troupe of clowns on his own, so his daughter was brought up and schooled in Europe (accounting for her odd accent - a mixture of English and American). Billie received a theatrical training from her father and at age 14 appeared in her first professional stage play. The English postcards of Burke that we see date from this early period before she returned to America in 1907 after her father's death.

This is an exceptionally pretty early vintage sepia Rotary postcard, boldly signed in dark blue ink across the image. The card has been sent through the postal system and carries a half-penny stamp, franked in 1905. There's the tiniest imaginable pinpoint of ink on her left cheek; overall condition is very good.