Vilma Banky

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Vilma Banky
Exotic Hungarian silent screen star, billed as "The Hungarian Rhapsody."
Born near Budapest, she appeared in Hungarian, Austrian and French films between 1920 and 1025. Discovered by Sam Goldwyn, who was taken by her exquisite beauty, she was brought to Hollywood in 1925 to star opposite Rudolph Valentino in The Eagle, and subsequently, as an Arab dancer in The Son of the Sheik (1926).
Banky is best known for the work she did opposite handsome leading man Ronald Colman. They appeared in a number of films together, including The Winning of Barbara Worth (1926), The Night of Love (1927), The Magic Flame (1927) and Two Lovers (1928) and their chemistry was magical. Banky became Goldwyn's biggest money-spinner.
It's said that Banky's career died with the advent of sound because audiences found it difficult to understand her heavily accented English. This isn't true. Films such as A Lady To Love (1930) show that her accent was, in fact, charming.
Banky retired from films simply because she wanted to settle down with Rod La Rocque, whom she had married in 1927, to be an ordinary housewife (she remained married to him until his death in 1969).
The two toured American with La Rocque in Cherries Are Ripe in 1930-1931 and made one last film together, The Rebel, in Germany in 1932.
Banky's post-Hollywood years were spent selling real estate with her husband and playing golf. Interestingly, news of her passing wasn't announced until 1992 because of a dying request that her death not be formally announced.
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